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Orkla Health offers products that meet specific health needs at every stage of your life – from cod liver oil for an infant or extra vitamins or minerals tailored to your changing needs as you grow older. Orkla Health is now the Nordic region’s biggest supplier and marketer of health products ranging from Omega-3, vitamin and mineral supplements, and weight reduction and sports nutrition products. 

We have exclusivity for Orkla Health.


Bifodan is an innovative and reliable supplier of finished probiotic solutions of high quality and documented stability. For more than 25 years Bifodan has been dedicated to probiotics and on optimizing the complicated processing of probiotic bacteria.

Based on clinically documented probiotic strains, we launched a probiotic and a symbiotic with innovative formulations and dosage forms that satisfy true market needs.

Bio Minerals NV

Bio Minerals NV manufactures and develops dietary supplements utilising choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) technology.

BioSil® is an Anti Aging Nutraceutical product containing ch-OSA®, a patented complex clinically proven to stimulate the natural pathways that generate collagen in our body.


Sunstar is a Japanese holistic health care global network. Sunstar provides high-value-added products and services in the areas of oral care, health and beauty. The company is a pioneer in championing the idea that the state of one’s oral health has a deep connection to the health of the whole body.

We launched gelX Oral Spray, the only treatment for oral mucosities (OM) induced by chemo/radiotherapy.

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